Crisis Notification System

The Telecor Crisis Notification System (CNS) is a flexible and comprehensive communications platform that provides a means for broadcasting announcements to students, faculty, staff and visitors. CNS can alert everyone in a school or the entire district to an emergency that is imminent or in progress, and instruct them on how to respond.

Pre-recorded or live voice emergency announcements can be initiated on a local level from a PC within the school. A graphical representation of the floor plan helps to quickly select and broadcast the appropriate announcement. Once an emergency announcement is triggered, a message is automatically transmitted to the district office or command center.

The integration with wireless technology is proven to increase the speed of all actions in the response to an emergency. CNS will send immediate messages to a wide array of wireless devices including PDAs, pagers, and mobile phones. In addition, email notification as well as pop-up notification alerts on the office PCs relay information to all appropriate personnel. Visual messages can also be broadcast to electronic message displays located in school or campus buildings area-wide.

The Telecor Crisis Notification System utilizes the districts existing LAN/WAN infrastructure for information distribution and existing IC/PA systems at each school for audio broadcasts.