Nurse-Call System

Telecor's Health Care Market products provide communication systems for the health care industry, including general and critical areas in hospitals, medical clinics, skilled nursing areas, retirement, assisted living, and long-term care facilities. Our health care lines meet the growing needs of today's health care environment, providing both effective communication solutions as well as simple-to-use equipment for patients and staff. Telecor offers the newest products in the healthcare market with the NC-3 Nurse Call which rated for use in skilled care areas like hospitals and surgical clinics. The VS CARE integrated health care system combines the facilities telephone function and typical Nurse-Call System features. This structure provides a simple, stylish interface for the upscale assisted living client, as well as a packaged communications solution that is profitable and easy for any facility to manage. An added value is the system's ability to enable a facility to purchase telephone service at a bulk rate and resell to occupants at retail.